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Don't let squirrels and raccoons set up residence in your home

Have you heard scratching in your attic or ceiling? Have you noticed animal droppings around your home? You may have a raccoon, squirrel or mouse. If so, you need Hilltop Wildlife Pest Control to remedy your problem immediately.

Mammals spread disease

Squirrels carry all forms of disease from rabies to Colorado tick fever and even the plague. They may look cute but having squirrels in your home can not only compromise your safety, they can cause significant damage to your home. Make an appointment today to safely and humanely remove mammals from your home and seal any current entry points as well as identify and seal any additional gaps and cracks that could serve as entry points for mammals in the future.

Mammals can damage your home

Squirrels, raccoons and other mammals can chew up wiring and insulation. Their feces and urine can soak insulation and stain ceilings, leaving permanent damage. We will protect your home so mammals, rodents and cluster flies can't get in.

The solution for mammal infestations

The fastest way to be rid of a mammal infestation is to remove the mammal. The permanent solution is to seal up gaps and cracks in the home to prevent mammals from returning in the future. We do both. Don't wait to deal with mammal infestations until they have caused damage. Call us at the first sign unwanted critters are living in your home.

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