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Eliminate Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

Don't let cluster flies overrun your home

Do you have flies overrunning your home? Have you noticed hundreds of flies appearing out of nowhere in the fall and winter months? Our team can resolve your cluster fly infestation. Through sealing and foaming we secure your home against cluster flies, rodents and mammals. Set up an appointment today to get rid of cluster flies once and for all.

Fly Extermination

Cluster flies hibernate in large clusters in the fall. At our elevation flies typically enter houses in September. As weather cools, the flies are attracted to the roofs of buildings that are warmed by the sun. At night, when the temperatures drop, the flies infiltrate the house through soffits and fascia settling into the ceilings and attics. Once in the ceiling they hibernate through the winter. When the weather warms, they are attracted to light that comes in through cracks and crevices, such as tongue and groove ceilings, exposed beams, rockwork, chimneys or can lights. This is when swarms occur in the lightest, brightest windows in the house. While cluster flies do not carry any diseases they are a huge nuisance. Your time could be better spent doing just about anything other than vacuuming up dead flies.

The benefit of hiring Hilltop fly exterminators

Our services can get rid of 90-95% of cluster flies in a home.

The expert staff at Hilltop Bat, Fly and Wildlife Control will inspect your home for cracks and gaps around soffits, fascia, exposed beams, chimneys, rockwork and more. We use foaming, chinking and caulking to solve your cluster fly infestation. Call our trained fly technicians today and eliminate the health risks and inconvenience of having pesticides continually sprayed your home.

Stop cluster flies today

The best cure for cluster fly infestations is prevention. Sealing your home will insure your home is fly free. Call our trained fly exterminators today.

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