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Give us a call today and let us help you get rid of your mouse problem. You need our experienced and quick responding team to determine the extent of your mouse infestation and to seal all cracks, crevices, foundation penetrations and/or doors that allow mice to get inside.

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With all the tiny cracks and holes that can be found in a home or business, it's very common to experience a mouse invasion. Hilltop Wildlife Pest Control can solve your pest issues by using commercial mouse traps and sealing materials to discover and close up the current problem area and any future problem areas. Our team is dedicated to solving your mouse problem and providing a safe environment for you.

Second homeowners and those with seasonal cabins or properties can be especially vulnerable to mouse infestations

Mice typically enter a home in the fall and remain in the home during the cold winter months. Have our experts inspect your property for signs of mouse infestations before you arrive in the spring. Our on-staff wildlife biologist will help identify any mice nests in your home. Once the rodents have been removed, we will secure the property by sealing up any cracks, holes or other gaps that lead into the house. As part of our service we will share tips to keeping the mice out of your home, such as replacing weather stripping every five years and keeping garage doors closed.

For any Colorado mouse infestation

Colorado is a beautiful state, but along with it's breathtaking landscape comes wildlife, insects, and other pests. Let us help you eliminate your mouse problem quickly and effectively. We also offer pest control services for mammals, bats, mice and cluster flies.

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Mouse Control
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